We are opening our store very soon

We are opening our store very soon

I am so excited to be so close to opening our physical location at 620 W Edison Rd in Mishawaka, IN.

I look forward to the emotion of visiting a Comic Book, Sports Card, Toys and Gaming shop that is 15,000 square feet big.  We literally are going to be 4-5X bigger than the average hobby shop.

And the place is so cool - that's the real exciting part - it is the ultimate NERD CAVE.

We almost called it that NERD CAVE or NERD WAREHOUSE - but the marketing people thought that was to extreme - I should have stuck to my gut.  However Warehouse certainly describes the size.

We are also going to have 2 studios for video and podcasting.  We plan to do WhatNot sales, eBay Live, Fanatics Live, YouTube, TikTok and more. 

Oh yeah - come see the BEER CAN COLLECTION!

See ya.


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