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Uncanny X-Men #4 CGC Graded 4.0

Uncanny X-Men #4 CGC Graded 4.0

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Own a piece of Marvel history with this fully authenticated Uncanny X-Men #4 CGC Graded 4.0. An essential addition to any comic book collection, this vintage comic book is in near-mint condition, featuring vibrant coloring and a glossy cover.


1st appearance of Quicksilver, 1st appearance of Scarlet Witch, 1st appearance of Toad, 1st appearance of Mastermind, 1st team appearance of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, 2nd appearance of Magneto

The X-Men pursue the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who have taken control of a small country overseas. They pursue the group, and manage to drive them out of the government, but Magneto has armed a nuclear warhead behind him, and the X-Men do not have the time or knowledge needed to disarm it before it destroys the entire country.

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